About Adamatics

Started in 2018 as a boutique consultancy, Adamatics has become a business partner that delivers both consultancy services and analytics software to some of the world’s leading companies within biotech and pharma.
Our customers are our partners and vice versa.
Our team consists of highly skilled data scientists and engineers who have extensive experience in creating and operating machine learning models, data pipelines and complex applications in production.
We primarily operate out of Copenhagen, Denmark, but just like data, we are not confined by borders – the whole world is our playing field.

Facilitating Analytical

It is uncontroversial that data now sits at the heart of every company, and the leaders of every industry are the companies that have realized and internalized this fact. Delivering power and value from data has become the main focus point of these market leaders.
However, transforming data into business value is difficult. Many companies have set up internal advanced analytics departments that build one impressive analysis after another using state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques, but the impact keeps being project-based rather than transformative for the business.

Data Facilitation

While getting access to data sources are a necessary component in building analytics products, its not sufficient. As companies realize the potential insights hidden in their data sources, it now becomes more important than ever to facilitate the access as an integrated part of the analytics platforms rather than simply pointing to existing data stores.
Integration of data sources into a coherent whole becomes key in the next generation analytical platforms.
Tools are optimized by being used by many people. That’s why we stand on the shoulders of giants when building solutions that help world-class businesses make critical decisions. Battle-tested Open Source tools backed by solid governance and an active community ensure stable and secure solutions that facilitate mind-share among data scientists and engineers alike. But the tooling alone is worthless without its integration into a larger ecosystem. AdaLab strives for integrating Open Source tools, as well as encouraging Open Standards, which help us deliver world class, yet familiar experiences to the people working to produce data products.

We believe that keeping control of the integration layer is the most important strategic choice.

System Integrations

The ability to stay agile and keep selecting the best-of-breed systems is a key capability in a highly competitive market for advanced analytics and novel BI solutions. The industry leaders of data processing have changed several times over the last decade, as has the toolset for doing advanced analytics on data. We believe that keeping control of the integration layer is the most important strategic choice when deciding which systems and tools should support the democratization of data analytics in the organization.

Community Building

Forbes highlights the importance of both governance as well as the ability to discover unused analyses, dashboards and reports. The focus on delivering business insights from centralized data science teams has become a recognized bottleneck according to Gartner and enabling business units to leverage data science in providing business insights and transparency of operations is quickly becoming the next step in strategies of data driven organizations.
Don’t lower your ambitions to meet your capabilities; enhance your capabilities to achieve your ambitions.

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