AdaLab Advantages

One-stop-shop - Find and access applications, tools and dataPrevious

Your challenge: Finding, accessing, interoperating and reusing (FAIR) data and analytics is essential to getting return on investment of digital transformations.

Our solution: AdaLab's Application Gallery makes it easy for all users to find, share, track and collaborate on FAIR analytics. All users can create and publish their own data products and applications and make them available to their peers in minutes. Built-in reporting and quality assurance workflows ensures that usage of all available applications can be optimized and that quality and relevance are high.

Bridge the silos - Available to allPrevious

Your challenge: In larger organizations, access to data and applications are limited to sub-groups due to per-seat licenses and geographic constraints.

Our solution: To ensure optimal usage of data and analytics for the whole organization AdaLab is licensed on a flat license and runs scalable in your own cloud accounts. This ensures that all have equal access to use and collaborate on creating analytical solutions which deliver data driven decisions to all domains of your organization.

Lower the barrier - Making it easy to create and collaboratePrevious

Your challenge: If it is too technically demanding to create and maintain data and analytics products the organization will not be able to fulfill its potential. The few analytics creators available become a bottleneck to a successful digital transformation.

Our solution: AdaLab comes packed with the most popular and useful data science tools and applications. The tools are hand-picked and combined with custom components that make it easy to build from examples and create new web applications for non-IT professionals. This ensures that your domain experts can act as citizen data scientists and embed their knowledge about your business into new tools for their colleagues to help them make expert guided decisions and form a community driven analytics culture.

Decentralized Analytics - A culture of analyticsPrevious

Your challenge: When analytics becomes too centralized and specialized it gets detached from the rest of the business. It becomes a sparse resource subject to planning and prioritization. This delays and distorts progress and agility of data utilization.

Our solution: With the community-centric analytics approach that AdaLab supports, agility and innovation comes naturally when colleagues collaborate on creating new analytics solutions for their peers in short iterations. When this community is supported by embedded IT-professionals, they learn the business from the business experts and these in turn become better at analytics application development. The result is a self-serving agile analytics community that drives data usage and innovation.

The best tools interconnected - Harvest the synergiesPrevious

Your challenge: When applications are not integrated they form silos for both data and users making collaboration hard. Additionally, problems with performance and reliability are often seen and potential synergies between the tools are not realized.

Our solution: Combining the scalability of cloud computing resources with the flexibility of container orchestration from Kubernetes, AdaLab can scale to any workload and any number of users. On this foundation we have integrated the best data and analytics packages and tools to create a secure and optimized analytics platform. A high level of integration ensures that the strengths of each tool can be utilized within the others making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Reusable integrations - Plug into the shared integration layerPrevious

Your challenge: Data and platform engineers are a sparse resources and they often become the bottleneck if they are used for the wrong tasks like building software that can effortlessly be bought.

Our solution: Use your data engineering resources on what makes your company unique and not on building a generic platform which it is much more cost effective to buy. Instead, your resources should go into building reusable integrations into a common layer where your custom data and services can be interoperated and combined to create new and unique business value. AdaLab comes pre-configured and prepared for most integrations which makes it easy to plug-n-play most data sources. If not our expert data engineers can help you develop custom integrations in a codebase that you own and can reuse.